The Donut Snob


Thank you so much
for all your love and

faithful support!


We are constantly tinkering

in our kitchen to come-up with new recipies to share. Here is a list of our current line-up:




campfire donut<< CAMPFIRE

Our fluffy, raised donut, glazed with chocolate ganache, dusted in graham cracker crumbs and topped with a roasted, handmade marshmallow! Yum!


Razzy lemon donut<< RAZZY

A pillowy, raised donut with a raspberry coulis center, lemon zest glaze and a topping of fresh raspberries! Gorgeous!


RISE + SHINE >>rise + shine donut

A pillowy, raised donut with a rich espresso glaze and a dark chocolate ganache drizzle! Sexy!



LEMON LULU >>lemon donut

A beautifully fluffy donut with a lemon zest glaze, fresh lemon curd center and fragrant, sweet julienne lemon peel topping! So good!



oinker donut<< THE OINKER

Our classic, raised donut with maple cinnamon and an orange zest glaze, topped with maple Bacon! Bacon!


SALTED CARAMEL >>salted caramel donut

Our pillowy raised donut drenched in caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes! Crazy Delicious!



THE BERRY BEST >>berrie best donut

Our classic raised donut with a cinnamon glaze, mixed berry coulis center, fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) and a light dusting of powdered sugar! A donut tart!



PEANUT BUTTER >>peanut butter donut

Our classic raised donut with a peanut butter glaze, dark chocolate ganache drizzle and peanut butter cup topping! Yep.